SourceTuning, is originally an acting technique developed by acting coach Jens Roth in 2000.

In 2017, the psychologist Jannika Pyttlich discovered the potential of SourceTuning in personality development and body therapy and was able to prove the positive effect of SourceTuning on many psychological parameters in her scientific study.

The name comes from Source = The source and Tuning = The tuning or adjusting.

As a source Jens Roth considers the body with all its senses, vibrational levels and possibilities of perception including also the mind and emotions.

In the application of this technique, this great, intelligent and precise instrument is “tuned” to a topic, just as one tunes the station on a radio. At this frequency, the practitioner receives information about the targeted subject at the experiential level.

In essence, the technology makes intuitive knowledge, which often seems random, more clearly tangible and thus more applicable.

In the actor, the imagination is stimulated and the subconscious mind presents the world of the role in fine and powerful states of tension, which also generate strong, precise and highly emotional images. There is probably no other tool in this field that leads so quickly and specifically to the core of a role on a holistic level.  More about acting coaching

In the field of personal problem solving and personality development, it causes a loosening in a short time and shows ways into the solution of problems in an almost playful way. More