About Sourcetuning

The inventor of SourceTuning, Jens Roth, sees himself as the artist he originally is, on a constant journey of discovery with the gift of looking with wonder and curiosity at people and their deep longings and motivations.

As a coach, director and personal coach, he opened spaces for new insights into contexts and thus provides the ground for solidarity, empathy, communication and in the field of acting and muses in general, high individual, artistic quality.

His acting training at the Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg until 1993 was physically, sensually and intuitively oriented with approaches by Grotowsky. Stanislawski, Tschechov and the breath work of Wilhelm Reich. Above all, his teacher for improvisation and bodywork laid the foundation for his artistic work by teaching him that the body has its own intuitive, poetic and multi-layered knowledge that can be absolutely relied upon. He applied this knowledge in his own acting and directing work, but soon realized that his passion was coaching and teaching.

From a warmup by Olivia Rüdinger that focused on energy in the body, he developed his own acting technique beginning in 2000. He discovered that the level of energy is a non-judgmental level that enables people to consciously let go and let the intuitive knowledge inherent in the body speak, to grasp it and thereby make it more usable. He considers this knowledge as source and the focusing of this source on artistic or human questions and topics as tuning, similar to tuning the station on a radio. This gave rise to the name SourceTuning.

After 15 years of successfully coaching actors with this method and giving workshops, he published his SourceTuning workbook entitled “SourceTuning – The Reliable Intelligence of the Body”.

Since then, the self-published book has sold over 3000 copies and contributed to the spread of the technique, especially in the acting field. In 2017, the book was translated into English. The technique has now helped many renowned actors from the German-speaking world to multi-layered performances and film awards.

An important feature of this acting technique is that it grants a high degree of emotional health of actors and surprising creativity.

It offers the possibility to physically experience even difficult and painful circumstances of characters such as war, abuse and drug addiction without the actors having to suffer as private persons.

A psychological study on the effect of SourceTuning on non-actors was jointly developed and implemented in 2018 by psychology student and trained SourceTuning coach Jannika Pyttlich and Jens Roth.

The evaluation in 2019, which was also the master thesis of Jannika Pyttlich, showed that the subjects benefited in many areas from the effect of the technique. It still offers great potential in the area of personality development and therapy, which we will continue to develop and exploit.