Sourcetuning workbook

The reliable intelligence of the body

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"To me SourceTuning is an extraordinary simple and efficient method to grasp a character beyond the usual chlichés."

Proschat Madani (Actress and author)

Since the year 2000, acting coach Jens Roth has developed his own acting method – SourceTuning. By now many actors have used the technique to develop unconventional and lively characters and celebrated successes with them. For example, Jördis Triebel received the German Film Prize in 2014 for her leading role in the film “Westen”.

The book is a simple guide for actors to create unconventional and authentic role and scene material from the inexhaustible sea of their own intuition.

The physical intelligence used in SourceTuning has proven to be more intricate, intense and truthful in comparison to the abilities of the human mind. It is complex, but not complicated. This intelligence lets us experience the roles in all their facets from the first moment on, instead of just thinking them into being.