Become a Coach

The coach training is divided into two areas, the area of acting and personal coaching. Both areas contain the training in the introduction to the technique. However, the focus is completely different.

In acting, it is about finding tension in roles and developing their dramatic potential. In personal coaching, the technique uses the body’s ability to easily find solutions to tensions, creating more quality of life for those being coached.  But the principle in both trainings is a process of liberation and more trust in one’s own creative source, be it on an artistic or private level.

In both cases, the training also includes the personal development of the coach in this direction. Because only what I live myself, I can also invite. Every fear that I have as an instructor is also transferred to the coached and every free space as well.

In this respect, the text by Marianne Williamson, which Nelson Mandela used for his inaugural speech as President of South Africa, describes what Jens Roth’s technique is essentially about.

The respective descriptions and conditions of the trainings can be found here: Read about the Coach training acting coach und zur Coach Training Personal Coach (DE)